Roofing Software Helps Company Cut Down losses on Time

For more than a half-century, Tarlton has finished high-profile projects to vital praise, winning awards for quality and security along the way. Success is sweet, however with growth likewise came headaches on a grander scale. In early 2008, as development continued but the economy squeezed margins, performance was a companywide concern


The Need.

It was figured out that the company needed a software application that would enable workers to tape time and job costing without the burden of paper, and then allow effective evaluation and approval by field and workplace management. Additionally, the system would have to integrate with their accounting system, to ensure that the mistake ridden practice of returning to the data not existed as a bottleneck. In spite of this tall order, Tarlton Vice President of Finance David Moore understood that the biggest challenge would be upgrading 2 of the company’s most vital processes without sidetracking from the core service of building.

Tarlton needed a better way to assign expert labor to the jobs on which that labor was spent. At the same time, they required a product that would permit field superintendents and foremen to produce everyday timesheets digitally.


After much searching, there was only one application that appeared to fit their requirements. While talking with a customer care associate at Viewpoint Construction Software, Moore found out that they had a product called Mobile Field Manager ® by Viewpoint Construction Software that right away captured his interest


Whats Viewpoint?

When representing the myriad expenses of a large construction job, precision is essential and timeliness matters. While costing details gathered supplies the basis for bidding new jobs, it also supplies critical insights into jobs already in progress, and can be utilized to assess the efficiency of project managers, superintendents and supervisors. Tarlton quickly discovered that the abilities within Mobile Field Manager make it uniquely matched for this obstacle.

Moore likewise discovered that Viewpoint Construction Software’s personnel might provide a lot of guidance from their experience with lots of comparable implementations. Perspective consultants spent a number of days at the company’s offices setting up Mobile Field Manager, evaluating the new integration, and training Tarlton’s staff.


After a few weeks of successful use in the workplace, field workers started utilizing the system to track staff member time on Tarlton’s numerous jobsites. Within the very first couple of weeks, it was obvious that by decreasing the number of times data was either recorded or got in, in addition to the variety of individuals involved, that Mobile Field Manager would have a dramatic effect on the performance of the company’s procedures.


Giuffre Contracting LLC is another company that has also adapted to using software to help maintain business operations. They have recently written a few blog posts outlining their success.


The Results.

Considering that execution, Tarlton has actually found that the reporting time invested by each of their superintendents has been minimized by numerous hours weekly. In the accounting department, Chapman reports that the time required to process weekly payroll has actually likewise been reduced to just three hours per week, a significant enhancement. After amounting to up these time savings, Moore concludes that based upon time savings alone, Tarlton recovered the preliminary costs of the system within just 5 months.