Project Profile: Central Park High Rise, New York City Get New Modified Bitumen Roof System

Project Profile: Central Park High Rise, New York City Get New Modified Bitumen Roof System

The NYC 18-story co-op received a new Polyglass self-adhered, modified bitumen roof system as part of its renovation.

Located near Central Park in New York City, this 18-story co-op was renovated to include a new energy efficient 30-year roof system.  General contractor Wayne Bellet Construction selected Polyglass’ self-adhered, modified bitumen roof system for the re-roof project.  To ensure perfect installation, the crew closely monitored winter weather conditions and followed the product storage instructions. The multi-level 18,000 square-foot roof system was completed on schedule.

Project Requirements
The building owner required a Cool Roof Solution to maximize the energy efficiency of the building.  The capabilities of Polyglass’ roofing membranes with patented CURE® Technology and ADESO® Technology met the project requirements.  Membranes manufactured with CURE Technology have improved reflectivity, granule adhesion, UV and stain resistance and durability. In addition, membranes with ADESO Technology have an aggressive adhesive applied to the bottom side of the membranes enabling a fast and torch-less installation.

Roof System Components
Three-ply, self-adhered roof system with 30-year roof system warrantee featuring Polyfresko G SA and Elastoflex SA V. Polyfresko G SA is a highly reflective APP, self-adhered cap sheet with patented CURE and ADESO Technology. Polyfresko G SA is California Title 24 Compliant, listed with the Cool Roof Ratings Council and performs to ENERGY STAR® standards.  Polyfresko G SA was also used for the flashings, creating a seamless, watertight finish. Elastoflex SA V–a low temperature flexibility membrane designed for torch-less applications–was used for the base ply, interply and base flashings.

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Published at Thu, 24 Aug 2017 21:27:03 +0000