Meet Linda and Jim Eastman of Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing

Meet Linda and Jim Eastman of Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing

Linda, of Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing, was lucky enough to win the Apple watch from our booth at the International Roofing Expo this year.

By Karen Edwards, RCS Editor.

We love meeting our contractors in person at events and shows throughout the year and we really like getting to know them better. Jim and Linda Eastman, owners of San Jose, California-based Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc., stopped to visit us at the International Roofing Expo earlier this year and ended up being selected as the winner of the Apple watch.

We spoke with Jim and Linda on the phone recently to find out how they like the watch and to learn more about them. They were a delight to get to know better.

Starting their roofing business
Jim began his career as a general contractor building condos and doing remodeling work. After a few years, he began to become more interested in roofing. His thinking was that not everyone will need or want to remodel but eventually everyone will need a new roof. So, 38 years ago they started Eastman Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.

Linda said the two of them work together, she handles administrative functions and Jim reviews paperwork. Although when asked what he does each day, Jim’s answer was that he probably gets in the way more than anything, which resulted in some laughter from Linda. A sense of humor is obviously one of the keys to their 42-year marriage.

The most valuable lesson they have learned about roofing
When this question was asked, Jim’s sense of humor was evident in his immediate answer: “Do not put a pneumatic fastener in your knee.” Trust him on that one. He knows from experience.

Jim did continue and explained that the most valuable thing they have learned is the importance of knowing your numbers. He and Linda both couldn’t stress enough how important this is. In the early 2000’s they joined Certified Contractor’s Network and attended a business planning boot camp where they spent three days analyzing their business, their numbers and really understanding exactly what their costs were.

Asking the right questions is key to your business being successful according to Jim. He says to ask yourself, ‘what should I charge in order to make a profit on the job;’ not ‘what number do I need to bid to get this job?’

Linda and Jim both agreed that having standard operating procedures in place was also invaluable for their business. Especially when it comes to safety. Jim and Linda said safety is their primary concern and they have invested in all the latest and best equipment available. They hold regular safety meetings and ensure that all their safety procedures are being followed.

What makes them smile
When thinking about their roofing business, Jim says that he is so appreciative of all the great customers that have hired them over the years. They have made many strong relationships and have customers tell them they aren’t even going to get other bids because they know and trust the workmanship provided by Eastman.

Linda added that they are also thankful for their valuable employees. She says that spending so much time with their team has helped everyone to understand their vision for the business and she sees the team working hard every day to achieve the goals.

What they like about RCS
When we asked Linda what she likes about Roofers Coffee Shop she told us that she loves the weekly emails and looks forward to receiving them each week.  She’s also a fan of the classified ad section and has used it in the past.

They both think the Coffee Shop is a great resource and really enjoy all the photos we share. (We’re so happy to hear this!)

What about her Apple watch?
Linda was so excited to win the watch but admits she was a little nervous about figuring out how to use it. She said that her daughter told her she was going to love it and that turned out to be the case. Linda said it’s taken her some time to learn what it can do and she “absolutely loves it.” In fact, she told us she just used the heart rate feature the other day at the gym.

We ended our phone call taking about their family and interests outside of the business – definitely two topics that make them smile. Jim and Linda have five children – two girls and three boys – and four grandchildren. Their grandchildren are two sets of twins, one is two girls and the other set a boy and a girl.

When they aren’t working or spending time with family, you might spot Linda and Jim at the Mountain Winery listening to music, see them in a restaurant enjoying a dinner out but the most likely place you’ll see them is anywhere near the beach.

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Rooftop Solar or Solar Roof: What’s in Your Pitch?

Rooftop Solar or Solar Roof: What’s in Your Pitch?

I must begin by acknowledging that, for most of you, business is darn good right now. With a few more months left in the roofing season and a fair amount of optimism looking forward to 2018, this may not seem like a very good time to ramp up a new line of business.

Let me once again remind you of the wisdom of President John F. Kennedy, who said, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

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GAF Receives Industry-Acclaimed Partners of Choice Award For Quality from David Weekley Homes

GAF Receives Industry-Acclaimed Partners of Choice Award For Quality from David Weekley Homes

PARSIPPANY, N.J. — GAF, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has been awarded the Partners of Choice Award from David Weekley Homes, the country’s largest privately held builder. GAF received an “A” ranking for quality, one of only twenty-five suppliers to be recognized out of the 200 companies evaluated. This is the eighth time GAF has earned this symbol of excellence.

“We are excited to receive this award again and honored to be recognized for the focus GAF puts on quality across all aspects of the roofing system,” stated Paul Bromfield, chief marketing officer at GAF. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the David Weekley Homes team.”

Each year, David Weekley Homes challenges their trade partners to provide the highest level of quality products and superior service by ranking them with a proprietary scoring system. One thousand team members from every level of the company are surveyed on the homebuilder’s unique evaluation platform. Each supplier’s scores are averaged and an alpha ranking is assigned relative to other suppliers. Companies achieving a ranking in the top twenty percent are recognized with the nationally acclaimed Partners of Choice Award.

“To be world class, you must get up every day and perform at levels that exceed all others,” said Bill Justus, vice president of supply chain services for David Weekley Homes and chief architect behind the industry-leading supplier evaluation platform. “Our rigorous process allows us to measure each company’s performance and compare it across diverse industries. In essence, we have designed a practical way of measuring world-class excellence. Through their actions, our friends at GAF have proven to be the best of the breed in providing quality products to our team.”

For more information, visit

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Cool Roof Coatings and Urban Heat Islands

Cool Roof Coatings and Urban Heat Islands

As urban areas across the globe have grown in size and density, significant changes have taken place in their landscapes. Buildings, roads, parking lots and other infrastructure have replaced open land and vegetation. Surfaces that were once permeable and moist have become impermeable and dry. As a result, urban regions have become much warmer than their rural surroundings, forming a “heat island” of higher temperatures.

Elevated temperatures in urban heat islands, especially during the summer, may have numerous negative consequences for the environment and quality of life in urban areas. These adverse consequences include increased peak energy consumption, higher risk of brownouts/blackouts, adverse health consequences, and impaired air and water quality.

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Heightened Immigration Enforcement by the Trump Administration

Heightened Immigration Enforcement by the Trump Administration

Issues surrounding immigration have been a focal point for employers since the 1986 passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). The effects of that law and its requirements have made the hiring process a source of major concern for many employers — especially roofing contractors. It also created a risk of legal liability that didn’t previously exist. Those concerns and risks are even greater today given the highly publicized focus on  illegal immigration from the Trump administration.

One of President Donald Trump’s first executive orders echoed his campaign commentary related to increased “enforcement of the immigration laws of the United States.” As part of implementation of that executive order, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) hired 10,000 agents to enforce existing immigration laws more effectively. In practical terms, this means that we’re likely to see a major increase in workplace audits (notices of inspection), something that was almost entirely eliminated during the Obama years. Unfortunately, that period of greatly diminished enforcement actions has, in many cases, led to reduced employer attention to I-9 compliance. The result has been a loss of focus on the necessity of fully complete and correct I-9s.  

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